Books by Caroline Gaudriault

Fiction - Thriller

"Elena est photographe de natures mortes. Sa passion pour les objets lui vient de son père, l’un des plus grands danseurs étoile russe qui a passé le rideau de fer sous Brejnev. Elle se construit ses (...)

A Small Man in a Big World
with Francis Fukuyama

From a conversation with Francis Fukuyama, the American thinker of the End of History, to a collection of free thoughts in the form of dystopia, Caroline Gaudriault confronts Humanity with its (...)

Another Day on Earth

“The horizon is a limit which confronts us with the infinite. From this supposedly empty landscape we hear the silent language of Humanity”.
Paradox Publishing, collection in French and English. (...)

Trilogy of the Moderns, Part III
Wonderful World
with photographs by Gérard Rancinan

In this third part of the Trilogy, the authors pursue their X-Ray analysis of the Modern and apply all their impertinence to producing a portrait of it and making a list of the rules underpinning (...)

Trilogy of the Moderns, Part II
with photographs by Gérard Rancinan

In the second part of the Trilogy, the authors artistically question the evolution of our cultural heritage. Are we making life into a museum piece? Interviews with Claude Hagège, Jacques Revel, (...)

Trilogy of the Moderns, Part I
with photographs by Gérard Rancinan

The authors are the alert witnesses of the metamorphoses of Humanity. With their photographs and their writing, they reveal the contradictions of our ever-accelerating modern society. Caroline (...)

The Photographer
with photographs by Gérard Rancinan

A report on a hazardous, year-long journey around the world. In a sensitive relationship with his peers, Gérard Rancinan produces a series of portraits, while Caroline Gaudriault evokes fragments (...)

With Gérard Rancinan

At the dawn of the Third Millennium, Caroline Gaudriault and Gérard Rancinan spent a year travelling to meet anonymous crowds in five of the world’s great cities: New York, Paris, London, Berlin (...)